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What is “Character Design”?

Character Design Characterization is the process that comes after characterization, and involves identifying personality through its exterior appearance. We must bear in mind that any personality – whether human or not – is ultimately a fantasy object designed to satisfy the artist and the public alike. While characterization of this imaginary object (its taste, fears, and behavior) may require some mental effort – it requires a list of emotions and facts that affect personality – the process of visualizing the personality may not be that easy.

This is why many writers prefer to rely on designers of specialized characters. The psychological aspects of personality can not be expressed visually – that is, through drawing. Illustrations can not tell a story, and that is the role of writing. However, there are many visual media that can visually express the complex feelings, thoughts and complex mental structures that create human life in character. For example there are comics, anime and manga where character design is the cornerstone of story success.

What are the differences between character design for cartoon films and character design for games? Character design for cartoon films requires a simple and easy-to-recognize form from the first glance. Character design for games requires a higher degree of complexity, where it can be used in advertising and concept art Concept Art.

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 Tips from experts:

– Bring paper, and write the characteristics and psychological qualities that you want to give to the personality. If you are not the character of your creativity, but you have a description of the author this is better.

– It is important to take into account your personality through the means that will appear in it and the target audience: make the design simple if it will be displayed on small screens, and make it more detailed if the screens are large, and use the two bright if the audience of the personality of the children. In any case, the design must be strong and new to raise public interest.

– Now you can start the work of sketches. Take your inspiration from the world around you, from fashion magazines, and from other characters. Start by designing a success, and work to change it to look better. Add some elements to the design and delete others.

– In the carton must be consistency is the champion of action. Use the curved lines to draw gentle and gracious characters, and sharp lines to paint the cruel and evil characters. You may also need to exaggerate your physical attributes to match personal qualities: thick arms to draw a strong man, and thick lips for excited women.

– Colors are very important. Dark, black, and purple (and sometimes dark green) colors are used to draw evil characters. While the light colors, white and pink of the gentle characters. Heroes are used with yellow, red and blue.

– Add the accesories to the character. Animals can also be used as exesorations, but their symbolic meaning may be broad and ancient. The new elements help to add a distinctive character to the character, and give an idea of ​​the background of the character. Clothing is an important element in exisuaries to determine social class and personal taste. The warrior needs a shield, and the magician needs a stick or mace, from wearing a lighter he will look poor. The proverb says that “clothes do not make a king” but in the design of characters the bow makes an arrowhead and the sword makes a knight.

– Much attention to the behavior of personality and facial expressions. Whether the character is angry or curious, it will affect the appearance of personality.

– Good balanced designs. Do not add many exotic elements to personality. One item is very adequate. Try to execute the character in a silhouette, and make it easy to recognize from the first glance.

– Design your characters on the computer and the sketchbook. The world around you is the best inspiration, especially when you look at the many human beings. Check out makeup, hair, facial features, clothes, etc.

– Attention to physical details that make it easy to identify the type of personality from the first glance.

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