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What is .. Concept of art or art idea .. “Concept Art”

Concept art is a translation of feelings and idea or reality, but based on the imagination of the artist .. Inspired by the idea of ​​the memory of the imaginative, which stores a lot of information .. The translation of the painting can be realistic or fictional, we find this art in the film industry, games and cartoons and advertising and all his money relationship Creativity and invention.

Concept Art is not the illustrations. It is more about creating a single artistic vision for creative work as a whole. Concept A is the visual expression of the idea, design, or Mood for use in movies, video games, animations, or comic books before they are placed in the final product. In other words, its goal is to communicate the general design vision, rather than the attention to detail from the beginning.


So what is the importance of concept art?

Just remember how much money a film or game requires, and how much money you can lose if everything does not go well. We live in an era when any idea can be implemented visually. But what unlimited possibilities there are unlimited possibilities for error. With hundreds and perhaps thousands of people in the team doing some successful work, everyone in this huge team must play the same tone. The art of the idea is the key to focusing that artistic vision and eliminating any visual errors that may arise during the progress of the artwork.

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What is Concept Art?

Concept Art may include things such as mood, detailed sketches of a personality, an object or a machine. The purpose is to reduce the margin of error in the advanced stages, thus reducing time and cost. What matters here is not the final form of art, but also the methods of work. For each final drawing used in artwork (film or game) there are sometimes hundreds of drawings that have played a role in reaching this idea. Some of them are just scribbles to illustrate the idea to the Art Director and some of them are completely wrong designs. The important thing here is how to work, even wrong attempts are important. Concept art is an iterative process, relying on trial and error and is rarely successful from the first attempt.

CD (8) Concept Art is not illustrative!

The art of the idea and the illustrations are not the same. The quality and methods of the two are convergent, and there is a great overlap between them, but there is one fundamental difference. This difference is the word “idea”. The concept of Concept Art is to explore ideas quickly and communicate as clearly as possible. While the role of illustrations is to convey ideas in detail.

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