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  • 04 - Mar - 2017
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Fans’ love of animation and animation has recently spread, making movies on the best-selling and best-selling charts, with some of the films making hundreds of millions at the box office. But this art has a long history dating back millions of years.

– 2.6 million years ago: man began to draw shapes that have been moving since the Stone Age.

– 1510: Leonardo da Vinci painted a series of images that express movement in the arm, neck and chest.

– In the early sixteenth century: many tools were invented such as Zotrop, which gives a sense of rapid movement.

– 1899: After the invention of the art of cinematography was produced or an animated film entitled “Hamampti Dhampti”.

– 1899: Starwick’s “Revenge of the Photographer” is one of the leading films in the art of moving puppets, executed using dead insects.

1914: “Dinosaurs” or a hand-drawn animated film executed by Winsor MC Kay.

– 1914: Earl Bard obtained a patent for using cellulose tablets in animation.

– 1923: Creating Disney Studios like the beginning of the Golden Age of animation.

1960: Flintstone was the first animated series to appear on prime time television.

– 1995: Pixar’s “Toy Story” is the first 3D animated film. He is one of the best animated films ever.

Top 5 Animation Movies: The E-Story Game 3 – How To Train Tanink – Lion King – Toy Story

Top 5 Cartoon Series: Simpson – Batman: Animated Series – Looney Tunes – South Park – Peeves and Butt-Head


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