How to design a successful strategy to participate in exhibitions and conferences

  • 11 - Mar - 2017
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There are many exhibitions, conferences and business events organized, which are keen to you as an official of sales or marketing and public relations on the prohibition or participation in them. But at the same time we often hear about these events only after the end, which miss us the opportunity to meet new customers or know the suppliers and business partners. Fortunately today, with the spread of media monitoring tools, we can rely on them to identify and then identify the events that we want to attend or participate in. Social listening programs also offer us the opportunity to promote the event before, during and after our participation. This article explains the available tools that enable you to develop a strategy to find out which exhibitions and conferences are available and where you can participate. It also offers you a set of tips to get the most out of your participation.

Find the right event

Building a successful strategy starts with creating a comprehensive picture of the commercial activities that are held in your industrial, commercial or service fields from exhibitions, conferences, workshops and others. Knowledge of these events requires open permission and continuous search for the event that gives you a unique participation and helps you achieve your company’s sales and marketing goals. These three steps will make it easier for you to search and select the right event.


I. Search the news

Using the Media Monitoring Program you can search for any exhibition, conference or workshop in any industrial or commercial area. You have to create a search using keywords that reflect the printing of the occasion you are looking for. For example, if you work in the field of technology and information and looking for an exhibition or conference in this area you can create a search as shown in the picture below. Someone might say that it is possible to do such research using Google or other search engines available. This is true, but the big difference here is that searching the news using the news monitoring software saves you time and effort by scanning thousands of results and filtering out all the irrelevant results to give you articles and topics that are directly related to your research. This will help you identify which events you can participate in and achieve your company’s brand and sales potential.


II – Research in social media

Social media is also a treasure trove of information in any area you need. Today, everyone is on social media, as well as organizing and managing exhibitions and events. All this made the issue of follow-up and monitoring of social media very important and became one of the most effective solutions in conducting research. You can monitor social media from listening to your audience of customers, partners and suppliers as well as ongoing conversations about your industrial and commercial space that may be of interest to your competitors. Social listening You can also determine who has influence over social networks. Identifying influencers makes it easy for you to find out about events that will help you get your company to your target category.


III –Reading the blogger

Blogs and electronic journals, as well as specialized publications, provide valuable information on what is relevant to the industrial or commercial field you are targeting. Many exhibition and conference organizers promote their activities through these platforms. So be sure to follow up regularly so that you can know the latest developments in your field in addition to activities and events.



Participating in events is a process that takes a lot of effort, time and money, so be sure to cover it fully
Make sure to make the most of your participation by promoting it before, during and after the event.


Before the event – create a fuss

Be sure to add the name, date and link of the exhibition or event that you intend to participate to your name and signature in your e-mail and ask colleagues to do the same step. Also include all the information on your website and your Facebook page and Twitter account (if any). Do not forget to tell your customers and partners during your phone calls. You can also promote your exhibition or conference by advertising it in relevant groups and pages on the LinkedIn network. First of all, forget about investing your social networking presence, especially LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, in informing your followers by posting continuous news and interactive material about the event and your participation. All of this helps promote and create a buzz about your participation.

During the event – 1. Follow-up and interaction

One of the most important things during the event is to follow up and monitor the Hishtaq and to know the extent of the reception and interaction and the views of the public around him and about your participation in it in addition to identify the latest topics and trends spoken by the public. Studies have confirmed that many of those who use the hacks of exhibitions and conferences actually do, but only follow them by default. Following up and monitoring the appropriate Hashtak helps you communicate with the public on the exhibition grounds as well as the virtual audience alike.

During the event – 2. Launch a contest

You will not be the only participant in this exhibition or conference. Hundreds of competing companies will be present, making the process of excellence and visibility an easy process. But there are many ways to help attract visitors to your pavilion or discussion session. These include launching a competition to motivate visitors to your pavilion to get to know your services and products. Be sure to launch the competition in the social media space as well to reach a wider audience, thus promoting the delivery of your news to a wide audience.

After the event – sustaining the relationship

The most important reasons for companies to participate in exhibitions are increasing sales

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